Hackathon for refugees, second edition with the participation of Microsft, Quobis, ESEI Vigo, XantarDev, ElLagrimal

During two days, people with different backgrounds will be working on several own open source projects and ideas to help refugees in any imaginable way.
After explaining and voting many of their own proposed ideas, the following ones were selected and teams built to work on them:


MeanIt - web

Web platform offering goods and services for refugees to opt in when the get to some new place (i.e. somewhere to sleep, food, children caring, …)

Morewithless - web

Movement to get companies to provide a checkbox on their employees’ contracts so they can donate part of their annual wages to some NGO. Also provides a platform to follow up on actions being done with that money.

Refubot - web

Refugee oriented bot to achieve an improvement on communication with other refugees and different organizations working with them. You could, for example, send an alert to the bot about some danger and it can then notify other nearby refugees about it.

Newlife - web

Involve local people to lend some not used crop fields so refugees or other people in needs could work those fields for free and get food and basics for them and their families.

Social Arcade - web

A crowdfunding campaign to fund the building of three arcade social machines, an arcade machine whose proceeds will go to help refugees and organizations involved in helping refugees.

Some other ideas proposed

These other ideas proposed, were not developed, but could be equally valuable